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Utopia Winemaker Dinner - Thursday, September 19, 2019, 7pm



Utopia Winemaker Dinner



September 19, 7:00 pm




Dill Salmon

Baked salmon with a creamy dill pesto

2018 Rose


Chicken Fruit Salad

Celery, red onion, raisins, grapes, apple and almonds with a creamy curry dressing

2017 Concrete Blanc Viognier


Pomegranate Lamb

Grilled lamb chops with pomegranate glaze and fresh thyme
served with homemade mashed potatoes

2016 Westside Zinfandel


Homemade Tiramisu

Blandy’s 5-year Malmsey Madeira



$49 per person prepaid online, or $59 per person RSVP



445 e 1st Street, Long Beach CA 90802 | 562-432-6888 |

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